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We support Planetary Enlightenment and are ready to guide you on the path of individual and collective evolution. We Serve human collectives that are ready to embody Higher Consciousness and awaken their divine potential. We share shortcuts to help you transcend your limiting belief system so that you can connect with your heart wisdom and open a portal to infinite possibilities.

Nuestra Misión

Our Mission

We Serve Planetary Enlightenment and are ready to guide you on the path to individual and collective evolution. Do you also visualize an Enlightened Humanity? Together, we can shape our highest destiny.
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About Us

We offer a direct path to Enlightenment (liberation). Ready to embody Higher Consciousness? We help you connect with your heart wisdom and open a portal to infinite possibilities.
Red Maestra

Light Network

2020 is the year of Collective Service. The Global Wayshower Movement is weaving Light Networks: new matrixes and platforms to expand consciousness. We are witnessing the rise of Light Communities.

Online Programmes

Realize The New Earth

ONLINE PROGRAMME. Join our group sessions to start igniting The New Earth Frequencies within! Awaken new Light Codes and deepen your spiritual connection.
January 10, 17 & 24

Quantum Renovation

INTENSIVE PROGRAMME. Align with high energy frequencies and trust Universal Wisdom so that it can simplify your reality and accelerate your transformation.
December 18, 19 & 20

The Divine Human

ONLINE PROGRAMME. Ready to embrace Christ Consciousness? Attune to the frequencies of the Enlightened Age and accelerate your evolution.

Divine Alchemy

ONLINE PROGRAMME. Ready to embrace God Consciousness? Awaken the Ascended Master within and co-create with the Divine to fulfill your life purpose!

Quantum Conversations with Lauren Galey

Quantum Conversations with Lauren Galey

We are on the threshold of an Enlightened Age that inspires us to let go of millennia of disempowerment in order to embody Higher Consciousness. A great part of the collective is ready to embrace their authentic Life Path and to completely let go of their limited selves. We all have a specific role in this phase of Human-Planetary evolution and in order to reveal it we need to remove the veils of illusion that keep us away from our greatness and make us second-guess ourSelves. The Enlightened Age will bring about divine revelations and will accelerate the spontaneous awakening of our ascended gifts so that we can all embrace our divine potential and Serve Source.


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The Power of Silence

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Embrace Paradise

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Quantum Materializer

Quantum Materializer

This Ebook is a powerful catalyst that will help you awaken your inner wisdom. You are here to realize yourSelf! In order to do so, you must match the vibration of that which you wish to Be(come).

New Earth Frequencies

New Earth Frequencies

In 2020 humankind will undergo a profound transformation. It is a turning point, a Global Reset that will bring about a radical energetic shift for Humanity and for the Planet.



We are in service to Unity Consciousness and we support Human and Planetary evolution. We feel that the massive awakening that is happening is reminding us of our drive to stand in our power and to contribute our innate gifts to support Collective Ascension. We are all becoming aware of our willingness to step up, show up and share our time, energy and resources to bring forth an Enlightened Humanity.

We all have something to give right now. If you resonate with our Service and would love to support it, we welcome your heart-felt contribution! Your gift means a lot to us, our Community and our Humanitarian Spirit, which is based on reciprocation and appreciation. Thank you for trusting that everything is possible when we focus on materializing an Enlightened Reality!